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Property Investment

There are many forms of property investment including:

  • your Company investing in its future by acquiring property for its own purposes for long-term disposal
  • ground rents – both residential and commercial
  • buy-to-let properties
  • investment by way of loan into development/refurbishment projects
  • portfolio investment

Whether a seasoned investor or one starting out, risk and reward are commercially necessary to consider as broad principles, but careful research is also crucial to determine the nature of the investment you may wish to make.

Important factors to take into account include:

  • the location
  • your own attitude to risk – in most cases, the greater the risk, the higher the potential returns
  • the amount you actually have available for investment
  • whether your investment is personal or with others or a Corporate entity
  • deal structure
  • your timescales to secure return on your investment
  • future realisation of the investment

At Square One Law we have a property team that is dedicated to providing the highest levels of client service. We build a team around you and you remain our focus at all times.

We also work closely with the corporate team to ensure that you and your investment are protected. This means ensuring that you benefit from sufficient security arrangements during the period whilst your investment is working for you, but not yet yielding returns. Our corporate team is well versed in the preparation and negotiation of security documentation, where your investment forms the basis of a loan into a property-based project.


We always deliver a high quality of service to all our clients. We believe thats why our clients love to work with us.