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Anti-Trust Defence

Where a business is accused or suspected of breaching competition law, the process can be costly, time consuming and generate significant negative press.

It can also be extremely stressful for the individuals involved. Our team have guided businesses through this extremely difficult process and have achieved positive outcomes in the most challenging cases.

We have also advised individuals accused of committing criminal competition law offences, attending interviews under caution and ultimately ensuring all charges are dropped (including the last ever criminal investigation conducted by the Office of Fair Trade (OFT) prior to the creation of the CMA).

In addition to defending businesses suspected of breaching competition law, we also advise businesses who are called as witnesses in investigations, including industry-wide investigations by competition law regulators. We can help you with what you should and should not say in response to requests for information in order to maximise the chances of achieving a positive outcome.

Examples of our relevant experience include advising on:

  • The first cartel investigation under the Competition Act 1998
  • Replica football kit price fixing investigation
  • An industry-wide investigation in relation to a suspected sporting goods cartel
  • The Office of Fair Trading’s investigation into the bus industry
  • The Office of Fair Trading’s investigation into the construction industry
  • An individual defendant facing criminal charges in relation to an alleged cartel in relation to bedroom furniture
  • Participants in sectoral investigations at UK and EU level including into payment cards, pharmaceuticals, electricity and gas provision and building materials


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