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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are the most frequently used, and most useful, contractual documents for most businesses.

Correctly drafted and used terms and conditions can significantly reduce the risk a business faces and place it in a much stronger position in relation to its suppliers and customers. Businesses should consider using the following types of terms and conditions:

  • terms of supply (whether for goods, services or both)
  • consumer terms of supply (whether for goods, services or both)
  • online terms of supply (for consumer or business to business)
  • terms of purchase (whether for goods, services or both)

Our experienced commercial lawyers can help you to draft appropriate terms tailored to your business. They can also advise you as to how these terms should be used in order to maximise the likelihood that your contract will incorporate your terms (rather than the other party’s terms). The most well drafted and comprehensive terms cannot assist your business if they do not form part of the contract between you and your customer/supplier.

We can also provide training for your staff to ensure that they understand the importance of your terms and how they can be used correctly.


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