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Energy Lawyers in Newcastle

Energy costs, security of supply, renewable energy sources, increased regulation and emerging technologies have all given energy generation, supply and efficiency a high profile.

Energy generation and supply chain businesses need to move rapidly to provide competitive and innovative solutions to emerging technologies and developing markets within the energy sector.

Our team of energy lawyers understands that this fast evolving sector is under intense competitive pressure and as a result, companies are seeking ever more innovative and practical advice from their lawyers.

At Square One Law, we recognise and identify with the need to be flexible, innovative and commercial in our approach.

In a diverse and fragmented marketplace, our energy team is focussed on delivering advice to clients in those sectors of the market where we have core expertise and experience, and where our client-centred model and innovative structure can add value.

The Square One Law energy team has experience of a wide range of projects and sectors, including advising:

  • generators and consumers of electricity on power purchase agreements
  • an offshore training provider on a variety of corporate, property and commercial matters
  • Northern Powergrid, the North East distribution network operator, on commercial and regulatory issues
  • several onshore wind developers on the sale of consented sites to major utility companies and investment funds
  • on the installation of electric car charging posts across the UK led by a large automotive manufacturer
  • on the sale of consented ground based solar PV sites to European infrastructure funds
  • a consortium of registered social landlords on the establishment of joint venture and partnership arrangements with a private delivery partner for the installation of rooftop solar PV on over 300 domestic properties
  • a national property company on arrangements to establish a joint venture to install rooftop solar PV nationally
  • a listed energy brokerage, consultancy and management company on several acquisitions and commercial matters
  • on the establishment and operation of an anaerobic digestion plant
  • on feedstock supply agreements for an anaerobic digestion plant
  • an oil and gas EPC business on a series of acquisitions in the oil and gas sector
  • a listed designer and manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells for the automotive sector on a number of fundraisings on AIM
  • a designer and manufacturer of storage containers for LNG on a number of projects, including acquisitions in the oil and gas supply chain services sector
  • a technology company developing fault current management on multiple fundraising rounds and a number of commercial matters
  • a nuclear waste management company on a number of acquisitions, financing and ongoing contractual matters
  • the renewable energy division of a wine importer on the procurement and erection of an on-site wind turbine and leasing arrangements in respect of further turbines
  • on the acquisition of a home energy provider heavily involved in the ‘Warmfront’ and other schemes
  • the National Renewable Energy Centre on a number of projects, including a potential acquisition of offshore turbines, advice on performance bonds, security documents and general corporate matters
  • a supplier of wholesale gas contracts in respect of financing arrangements


We always deliver a high quality of service to all our clients. We believe thats why our clients love to work with us.

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