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Square One Law has the energy, innovative approach and focus of a young organisation combined with the benefit of highly experienced lawyers who have worked in major regional and international firms.

We’ve built our business on understanding our clients’ businesses, learning how they operate, how they make decisions and listening to what they need.

We invest time in building up trust so we can operate effectively as an extended part of our client’s management team. The synergy of combining their extensive knowledge of their business and our commercial experience creates an exceptionally joined-up way of working.

When I sold Mills group to One-Stop, Tesco, the process was very new to me. It actually took 13 months to complete and over that time Ian kept my sanity. It was a complicated process; sometimes the deal was on and then it was off so you went through a complete emotional roller coaster. However, Ian and Marie-Louise’s loyalty and commitment to us and the cause, went above and beyond anything I had ever had from a professional adviser before.

Nigel Mills, Lakes Distillery