As Square One Law celebrates its third anniversary, senior partner Ian Gilthorpe reflects on the firm’s rapid growth and development.

Three years ago Alan and I set out to build a commercial law firm providing a highly distinctive service, offering more effective support and better value to commercial clients than our competitors and so change the way legal services are delivered in the North East.

Build a modern, team-orientated organisation using modern IT to offer greater agility and flexibility. Then recruit the best people and encourage and support them in building long-term relationships with clients and business partners. Finally, ensure we deliver outstanding service on each occasion.

Building long-term relationships

We have received fantastic support for the firm from the business community and this has led to rapid growth since 2011. This year the firm has grown by 70% and it now has 10 partners with many new key appointments still to come and exciting opportunities for further development. We are working with clients regionally, nationally and internationally.

When Alan and I wrote the business plan for the first three years I don’t think either of us envisaged that the firm would grow as fast and be able to attract the quality of clients that the firm now has the pleasure of working with.

We had a great start in 2011 and were extremely fortunate to be given the opportunity to work with significant companies like Able UK, Shepherd Offshore, Vardy Group, Tharsus and Lanchester Wines from the beginning.

We’ve focussed our brand so it is all about demonstrating commitment, drive and commercial acumen and the firm now has the critical mass to handle significant projects and to support companies across a broad range of legal work.

“Square One Law has established itself as an innovative force in the North East legal scene and I like the fact it is challenging the status quo. I’m looking forward to assisting the team with their ambitious development plans.”

Andrew Hoyle

We have attracted a great team and everyone at the firm appreciates that our growth and success has been completely due to the willingness of our clients to work with us and trust us to consistently deliver the service in a relevant and commercial way.

In September the firm won NE Corporate Law Firm of the Year at the Insider Dealmaker Awards which is recognition of how far we have come, having completed an impressive 60 deals in the last 12 months.

The next stage is to continue to build the business strategically which is one of the reasons we were delighted to announce the appointment of Andrew Hoyle as a consultant, as his extensive experience of working at a senior level in several leading law firms will make a significant contribution