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Square One Law Helps to Support Bloodrun Emergency Voluntary Service

As Patrons of the Middlesbrough & Teesside Philanthropic Foundation, Square One Law was proud to meet with representatives of Bloodrun Emergency Voluntary Service to hear about how a £5,000 donation will be put towards saving lives.

Bloodrun was established in 2010 to provide a free courier service for blood and medicine between hospitals in the North East. The charity is staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers and needs to raise £25,000 annually to keep their fleet of motorbikes and cars running.

Every year the Philanthropic Foundation, which partners its patrons to worthy causes in the community, runs a £20,000 Golden Giveaway to be shared amongst 15 local charities. The public recognised Bloodrun’s positive impact when it voted for the charity to receive the maximum reward of £5,000.

Meeting with volunteers riders for Bloodrun, Teesside office partner Michael Shuker and senior associate Julie Dalzell heard about the vital service they provide and how they will be investing the donation in new tyres. When a set of tyres only lasts 2,500 miles and the Bloodrun bikes totalled 78,000 miles last year, they need to guarantee a constant supply to continue their service.

With the donation, Bloodrun can purchase new stocks of tyres at a discounted rate. This will allow them to continue their invaluable work for a long time to come, which is fantastic news for the region.

Square One Law’s Teesside office partner Michael Shuker praised Bloodrun, saying: “What Bloodrun does for hospitals in the region is fantastic, and being able to support them in any way through the Foundation is really fulfilling. I’m glad to have met with some of the riders to hear about how they are guaranteeing the future of their service to the community.”

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