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New report provides strong evidence to support continued membership of the EU

Lawyers In for Britain, a group of British lawyers which includes Square One Law’s head of EU and Competition Law, Neil Warwick, has today issued a detailed report setting out the benefits of, misconceptions about, and alternatives to, the UK’s membership of the EU.

The core aim of the report is to promote a more informed discussion of the issues by the electorate ahead of the referendum.

Whilst acknowledging that the EU is not perfect, Lawyers In for Britain is concerned that misconceptions are playing a pivotal role in the debate and the report seeks to provide the reader with reliable information on:

  • the key benefits of the UK remaining in the EU;
  • the truth behind some of the common misconceptions about the EU; and
  • the alternatives to membership of the EU and why they would not deliver the benefits of single market access without also following the rules of that market.

The report details the numerous benefits that EU membership brings to the UK: from a safer and more secure society, easier and cheaper transport and travel, more affordable energy, a cleaner and healthier environment and guaranteed access to the single market.

In this report, Lawyers In for Britain has gathered together what it considers to be the most reliable key evidence on which more than 250 signatories based their conclusions about the UK’s EU membership.

John Davies, Chairman of Lawyers In for Britain, said: “Our conclusion is that the UK is stronger, safer and better off in the EU. The words I hear the most from those who are undecided are ‘give us the facts’. We have gathered together what we believe are the most reliable facts that led us to this conclusion. We hope this report will be a valuable contribution to the debate.”

Neil Warwick added: “I was delighted to be approached to support the report. It comes following our recent involvement in an EU Referendum event which highlighted the importance of ensuring that the debate is properly informed. The report is detailed, objective and easy to read and I would encourage anyone, regardless of their stance to read it.”

The full report can be reviewed here or downloaded as a pdf here.

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