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You can’t be special, distinctive and compelling in the marketplace unless you create something special, distinctive and compelling in the workplace. Your brand may shape your culture, but it’s your people who make your culture and ultimately bring your brand to life.

We’ve found that when people care about and believe in the brand, they're motivated to work harder and their loyalty to the company increases. Employees are unified and inspired by a common sense of purpose and identity.

Unfortunately, in most companies, internal marketing is done poorly, if at all. While executives recognize the need to keep people informed about the company’s strategy and direction, few understand the need to convince employees of the brand’s power—they take it as a given.

Harvard Business Review

A company’s culture is determined by the pace of the organisation, its leadership, the quality and depth of its decision-making process, the flexibility of its infrastructure, its strategy and how closely the HR and marketing teams work together.

At Square One Law our culture is all about teamwork, open communication and embracing change. It’s about being professional and working hard, in a smart way, but also not forgetting how to have fun!

Quotes taken from internal workshop when asked to describe our culture:

“Open environment in which fun and autonomous working are allowed to thrive”
Senior Associate

“Great learning environment and plenty of opportunities to work with experienced lawyers and great clients”

“Open, no boundaries between different levels of staff. Hard working and energetic.”
Client Service Manager