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Energy: Commentary, facts and figures

  • The Northern Energy Taskforce is a fantastic opportunity to understand what is driving regional businesses, what priorities they want to see in the future and how we can work together to make the north a powerhouse to generate energy, innovation and ideas.

    James Bryce, Partner and head of corporate and commercial, Square One Law
  • We are in the middle of a transformation of the energy market with increasing distributed generation, with more generation behind the meter and technological developments and innovations happening with transportation, with electric vehicles and battery storage, and controls for intelligent buildings.

    Jon Ferris, Strategy Director at Utilitywise
  • Across the North there are a whole host of energy sources that are really exciting and important. There is an opportunity for the North to be a global leader when it comes to new ways of managing and using energy.

    Ed Cox, Director of IPPR North
  • The opportunities in this area are huge. What is of most interest is the possibility of using second life batteries – batteries which are no longer being used in a car – as an energy store. What we need is to apply existing skills to this emerging technology in order to create new business opportunities.

    Dr Colin Herron, Managing Director of Zero Carbon Futures
  • An essential part of maximising on globalisation is the protection of Intellectual Property. This region has always been very innovative and retaining its IP will ensure this can continue.

    Steve Pugh, Managing Director, Bignall Group
  • We have Europe’s fastest wind speeds on our doorstep and also our proximity to North Sea oil and gas gives the region an inherent advantage compared to competitors who compete on price from around the world.

    Steve Pugh, Managing Director, Bignall Group
  • We have just set up the Jigsaw Consortium, which brings together a number of companies who are active in the North Sea. It’s an opportunity to create an awful lot of high quality jobs in the region for thirty plus years and there’s nothing else like it.

    Ed Brown, Director, Hardy Aavar
  • The more integrated the energy systems becomes in the north, the more opportunity it will bring to the region to become a global leader when it comes to new ways of managing and using energy.

    James Bryce, Partner and head of corporate and commercial, Square One Law
  • 10GW: the wind capacity the Department of Energy and Climate Change estimates we’ll have by 2020. – (Ofgem 2016)
  • The gas network in the UK in July 2016 has 21.96 million customers. – (Ofgem 2016)
  • The electricity network in the UK had 29.54 million customers. – (Ofgem 2016)
  • Around 100,000 new customers are connected to electricity and gas local networks each year. – (Ofgem 2016)
  • Every year 4, 200km of gas mains are replaced – the equivalent of Britain’s entire motorway network. – (Ofgem 2016)
  • Energy and gas network costs are 17% lower today than at the time of privatisation. – (Ofgem 2016)
  • Battery production costs are expected to fall by over 30% in the next six years. – (Rathbones review, 2016)
  • In May 2016 the amount of electricity generated by solar in the UK surpassed that produced by coal for the first time. – (Rathbones Review, 2016)



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