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Putting everything into context:

  • Whether the vote had been Remain or Exit, there would have inevitably been renegotiations with the EU. The current arrangements we have with the EU therefore would have changed whatever the outcome.
  • There is much talk of a quick exit – if this means an early exercise of Article 50, this could be foolhardy. The UK may be better to negotiate the terms of the exit and then agree a shortened Article 50 notice with the EU.
  • Much has been said about the loss of EU Structural Funding. The current Programme would have ended in 2020 and there was no guarantee that the North East or the UK would have received any more funding after this period.
  • We are entering a new phase where certain things will be different and it will take a little time to get used to this, but it will also be a period which brings opportunity for businesses bold enough to be innovative and seize the challenge.

We have pulled together these Brexit pages to give some practical tips on what businesses should do now from a legal perspective and we have also produced some fast facts to try and simplify some of the processes. We anticipate that the changes will come in waves so we will be updating our advice as circumstances change. Now is the time to get the basic building blocks right as there may be more complicated changes on the horizon.

I hope you find these pages useful and if there is anything you would like to ask our team would be more than happy to meet up and discuss this with you.

Neil Warwick
EU and Competition specialist and Business Development partner

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